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Dr. Deborah Brosnan

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Biological Sciences

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Dr. Deborah Brosnan is passionate about the importance of science in society. She has over twenty years experience in crafting innovative, science-based solutions to global environmental problems. She advocates for using science to inform policy, and for scientists to participate in the global forum.

In 1993, she created the Sustainable Ecosystems Institute (SEI), a go-to organization for government and others seeking science-based solutions to environmental problems. In 2012, she reformatted the group into the Brosnan Center to expand its academic and real world activities.

Dr. Brosnan gained her Ph.D. in marine science at Oregon State University while studying with Jane Lubchenco and Bruce Menge. She was a visiting professor at Lewis and Clark Law School and a visiting scholar at Stanford University. Her ongoing research has been focused on restoring and sustaining resilient marine ecosystems in a changing world. Her work bridges law and science, oceans and climate change, endangered species, and the effects of natural and human-induced disasters on ecosystems and human populations. Dr. Brosnan is currently an Environment and Policy Scientist at U.C. Davis and an adjunct faculty member in Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech.