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Dr. Anamaria Bukvic

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Dr. Bukvic is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography. She completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and received two master’s degrees in biological sciences and community planning from the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Bukvic completed her Ph.D. in Planning, Governance, and Globalization at Virginia Tech. She also gained professional experience as a researcher in the Department of Environmental Health at the University of Cincinnati. Her research efforts are inherently collaborative and multidimensional—revolving around climate change adaptation, coastal resilience, vulnerability, and relocation—all highly complex and multidimensional issues that call for an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. She further explores whether relocation could serve as a workable adaptation strategy and practical solution to sea level rise in coastal communities, as well as what opportunities could emerge from this process.

Dr. Bukvic’s early projects evaluate the use of relocation rhetoric in climate change adaptation documents and introduce new decision-support tools to inform relocation planning (e.g., the Coastal Relocation Leaf, the Relocation Suitability Index (RSI), & the Relocation Potential Assessment for Coastal Communities (RPACC)). She also conducted two post-hurricane Sandy household surveys on willingness to consider relocation as a disaster response strategy and the personal interviews with coastal stakeholders in Hampton Roads, VA, and on the Eastern Shore, MD, on barriers and opportunities for adaptation. Her current projects are funded by the NSF CRISP Type 1/Collaborative Research grant and are focused on the vulnerability of older population living in flood-prone coastal areas and the role of mobility and transiency in community resilience. She also serves as a co-lead of the Coastal@VT interdisciplinary research initiative at Virginia Tech and as an affiliate faculty in the Global Change Center, the Gerontology Center, and the Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability.