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Dr. Zhenshan Chen

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Agricultural and Applied Economics

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Zhenshan is an Environmental Economist with a focus on policy evaluation and nonmarket valuation. His past research topics include coastal flood risk, agricultural land use, coastal restoration, and fishery. His past and current research efforts mainly try to tackle the challenges brought by environmental changes, mostly by bringing in high-quality large datasets and tailoring novel statistical methods based on specific research questions.

His future research is expected to involve the following aspects: utilizing large-scale high-resolution spatial data to facilitate resilience for both coastal and inland areas, investigating how agriculture could mitigate more severe and frequent extreme weather shocks, documenting and forecasting behavioral changes in response to environmental and policy changes, and bridging empirical and survey data with improved methods in environmental valuation.  

Zhenshan received his Ph.D. degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics from UCONN, and he also has a bachelor’s degree in Physics.