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Dr. Jacob Barney

FACULTY AFFILIATE   |   Global Change Center

School of Plant and Environmental Sciences

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Dr. Barney’s research program at Virginia Tech focuses on the processes and consequences of invasive plant species on our natural and managed ecosystems. In relation to global change, he studies how invasive plants respond to novel climate scenarios, which may increase the number and distribution of habitats susceptible to invasion.  Dr. Barney is particularly interested in risk assessment as it pertains to reducing the risk of future invasions, and has applied this extensively in studying the risk of introducing exotic bioenergy crops. Dr. Barney also focuses on identifying the impacts of invasive plants in a holistic manner to better understand the consequences to biodiversity and ecosystem processes.

Barney currenlty serves as the Director of the Invasive Species Working Group (ISWG). The ISWG is a faculty collaborative that began in the Global Change Center at Virginia Tech with support from the Fralin Life Sciences Institute and the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. The ISWG nurtures transdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships with government agencies, NGOs, industry, and communities to promote a deep understanding of the impacts of invasive species on ecosystems and society, and foster an inclusive environment where science and policy meet to tackle this global challenge.