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Dr. Luis Escobar

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Fish and Wildlife Conservation

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Dr. Escobar’s research focuses on the distribution of biodiversity, including parasites and pathogens at global scales, and under past, current, and future environmental conditions. He uses biogeographic approaches for the understanding of diseases distributions under diverse land use and climate change conditions. He is particularly interested in global health, ecosystem health, and wildlife epidemiology. Dr. Escobar values collaborations with colleagues from diverse disciplines and geographic regions; he is actively seeking out new collaborations, particularly from fields of ecology and evolution, public health, social sciences, mathematics, and computer sciences.

Ongoing global change projects in the Escobar lab include the role of invasive species in disease transmission to native species, effects of climate change on the burden of vector-borne and water-borne diseases, and the development of analytical methods to assess the impacts of climate change on biodiversity and diseases.