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Dr. Ignacio Moore

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Biological Sciences

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Dr. Moore’s research interests are centered around developing an integrative understanding of how animals function in their unique social and physical environment. As such, he focuses on investigating free-living animals, primarily reptiles, amphibians, and birds, in a variety of habitats (Arctic to the Tropics). Members of his lab use a variety of techniques from disciplines such as physiology, neuroendocrinology, ecology, evolution, and behavior. 

The types of questions Dr. Moore's lab addresses in their research are;  How do animals respond to changes in their physical and social environments, what are the mechanisms mediating the behavioral and physiological responses, and what are the consequences for the individual and population?

As such, their work crosses traditional disciplinary lines to achieve a more complete understanding of animal function.  Their general premise is that one must study, or at least appreciate, animals in their natural environments if one is to truly understand how they work. A strength of their research is the combination of field based observations of classical naturalists with the rigorous experimentation and techniques of modern biologists.