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Dr. Manoochehr Shirzaei

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Dr. Shirzaei is a geodesist/geophysicist at the Virginia Tech Department of Geosciences, specializing in satellite geodesy, inverse theory, signal processing, modeling techniques, and crustal deformation physics. Conducting a comprehensive interdisciplinary research program, his research effort aims to advance Earth-observing techniques, in particular RADAR remote sensing, and improve understanding of the underlying mechanism associated with seismic and aseismic faulting processes, the evolution of crustal stresses, and seismic hazard due to fluid extraction and disposal, change in groundwater and surface water resources, and impacts of relative sea-level rise on coastal areas.

Though the range of topics may appear diverse, the common theme is an attempt to develop a better quantitative understanding of physical processes operating on the Earth. To this end, Dr. Shirzaei develops sophisticated space-, air-, and ground-based monitoring techniques to measure subtle land surface deformation and cover changes at unprecedented spatial and temporal resolutions. Linking surface observations to the underlying physical process, he also works to develop various physics-based numerical and analytical models. His utmost goal is to help mitigate the adverse impacts of natural and anthropogenic hazards in the era of climate change by improving the understanding of mechanisms, educating a new generation of scientists, and bringing awareness to the public; he welcomes opportunities for collaboration on this front!

Dr. Shirzaei is particularly intrigued by the Center’s multidisciplinary approach to bring together scientists from different backgrounds, such as Earth, social, economic, and political science, to understand the emerging problems of our time stemmed from global climate changes and the Earth system.