Welcome newest GCC faculty affiliates!

Dr. Elinor Benami

Assistant Professor, Agriculture and Applied Economics

Dr. Benami’s current research centers on environment, development, and agriculture, with a focus on how advances in remote sensing and machine learning can help equitably enhance environmental compliance in the US and improve programs to manage weather risk around the globe. Drawing upon methods and theories from economics and land system science, her research seeks to addresses how digital data can help predict, detect, and remedy environmental hazards that affect human welfare.

Dr. Austin Gray

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Dr. Gray’s expertise lies in the fields of aquatic ecology and toxicology. His research is focused on investigating the combined effects of environmentally relevant levels of multiple contaminants (e.g., pesticides, pharmaceuticals and personal care products, micro plastics, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals) on aquatic organisms and ecosystems.

Dr. Craig Ramseyer

Assistant Professor, Geography

Dr. Ramseyer’s research expertise includes tropical climatology, climate modeling, and hydroclimatology. His primary area of research focuses on tropical rainfall, particularly in the Caribbean, and how climate change is likely to change drought and flooding. In a collaboration with the Luquillo Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Site in Puerto Rico, Dr. Ramseyer is working to create climate models customized to address the research challenges among colleagues in the fields of ecology, botany, and stream chemistry.