The Interfaces of Global Change Curriculum Committee (IG3C) is the primary entity responsible for visioning, oversight, and implementation of the IGC IGEP curriculum.  Primary duties entail visioning, planning, and delivering of the annual fall and spring seminar courses and the capstone course offered every other year.  These duties include ensuring continuity of existing high-quality graduate programming, as well as ideation and visioning to meet the evolving programmatic needs of the growing, diverse IGC IGEP student population. Meet the newest members, including several faculty and IGC fellows: Cully Hession, Erin Hotchkiss, Michelle Stocker, Melissa Burt, and Sarah Kuchinsky.  Thank you to Julia Gohlke, who has taken the reins as the new Chair of this committee!

We extend sincere gratitude to those who just finished their terms, including Paul Angermeier, Todd Schenk, Durelle Scott, Korin Jones, and Bennett Grooms. Special thanks go to Bruce Hull (who remains on the committee); he has finished his term as the founding Chair of the IG3C. Thank you, all!

Welcome to our Incoming Members:

Thank you to our members continuing to serve!

A special thank you to these outgoing Advisory Committee members!

We deeply appreciate your time, energy, and balanced guidance in this leadership role.