Sixteen affiliated faculty members from Virginia Tech, representing 6 colleges and 10 departments, recently received Graduate School funding to support an interdisciplinary graduate education program (IGEP) in global change. The new Interfaces of Global Change (IGC IGEP) will address the multidimensional aspects of global change and provide the next generation of scientists with a unique perspective and skill set to address the most challenging environmental issues facing society today.


  • Paul Angermeier, Fish and Wildlife Conservation/CNRE
  • Jacob Barney, PPWS/CALS
  • Jeb Barrett, Biological Sciences/COS
  • Mark Barrow, History/CLAHS
  • Lisa Belden, Biological Sciences/COS
  • Debra Brosnan, Brosnan Center/Biological Sciences/COS
  • Dana Hawley, Biological Sciences/COS
  • William Hopkins, Fish and Wildlife Conservation/CNRE
  • Leigh-Anne Krometis, Biological Systems Engineering/COE/CALS
  • Ignacio Moore, BIO/COS
  • Amy Pruden-Bagchi, Civil and Environmental Engineering/COE
  • John Randolph, UAP/CAUS
  • Scott Salom, Entomology/CALS
  • Stephen Schoenholtz, Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation/Virginia Tech
  • Madeline Schreiber, Geosciences/COS
  • Jeff Walters, Biological Sciences/COS