Brian BadgleyJacob Barney,  Stephen Schoenholtz, Brian Strahm, and Carl Zipper were recently featured in a VT News article about the Powell River Project. This long-term environmental restoration project in Southwest Virginia is over 30 years old. Dr. Schoenholtz conducted his Ph.D. research there in the late 1980’s, and now his graduate student, Tony Timpano, is continuing to work on the project. Tony is investigating the impacts of salinization on benthic macroinvertebrate communities in Appalachian streams influenced by coal mining. Tony is advised by Carl Zipper and Stephen Schoenholtz.

Read the full article about the Powell River Project at VT News.

Students conducting research
Carl Zipper, a professor of crop and soil environmental sciences and director of the Powell River Project, has been researching land restoration at the site for more than 30 years.