From VT News:

Lisa Belden, an associate professor of biological sciences and a faculty member in the Interfaces of Global Change IGEP, was recently recognized for her commitment to advancing the university’s research initiatives in engineering and the life sciences.

The Innovator Award, a new initiative jointly sponsored by the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Sciences and the Fralin Life Science Institute, recognizes outstanding faculty members and includes a $25,000 stipend to be used to advance innovative research projects.

Dr. Belden studies how ecological factors and environmental conditions influence disease dynamics in natural systems. Her recent work examines symbiotic microbes that live on amphibian skin, with a goal of using these microbes to battle a lethal skin fungus and contribute to the conservation of threatened amphibian species.

Lisa Belden accepts her award.

Lisa Belden accepts award.

“ICTAS and Fralin have joined to recognize and reward some of our outstanding faculty in a way they did not anticipate,” said Dennis Dean, director of the Fralin Life Science Institute. “We have many terrific innovators at this university and by recognizing at least several such individuals on a recurring basis, we are sending the message that this university is aware of and appreciates innovation.  A special aspect of the group recognized this year is their very visible collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches.”

“By joining hands with the Fralin Life Science Institute, we are able to reward pioneering faculty members for their innovative and transformative research,” said Roop Mahajan, director of the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science. “It is important to show our appreciation for their continued success in meeting society’s most challenging needs. The Innovator Award seeds an opportunity for these individuals to expand their research capabilities and have an even greater impact on the future.”

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