BIOL 6064 : Freshwaters in the Anthropocene

Instructor: Cayelan Carey, Biological Sciences

GCC affiliate Cayelan Carey is teaching a new special topics graduate course in the spring, ‘Freshwaters in the Anthropocene,’ which will be centered on reading discussions of research papers and policy- related documents (e.g., the EU Water Framework Directive), as well as a few in-class modeling exercises and lectures. The overall goal of the course is to examine the effects and interactions of altered climate, eutrophication, invasive species, and unsustainable withdrawal on ecosystem function in lakes and streams, as well as the implications for future human use.

The capstone of the course will be writing an independent research proposal on a freshwater/Anthropocene-themed topic of the student’s choice and debating it in an in-class review panel. Dr. Carey hopes that these proposals will serve as a seed for future NSF GFRP, EPA Star, or NSF DDIG applications.