The Interfaces of Global Change graduate program (IGC) was pleased to welcome Susan Hassol, Director of Climate Communication, for a full-day science communication workshop at the North End Center on Friday, November 3, 2017.

This workshop was an opportunity for Virginia Tech IGC students to learn and practice the skills needed to more effectively communicate their science. Susan introduced the group to the science of science communication, including psychological and sociological considerations, with a special focus on climate change.

During the workshop, the students were led through a discussion about the partisan gap on climate change and how to break through the noise. They also explored message-crafting techniques for various settings, practiced them, and got feedback from the group. Other aspects of the workshop included practicing media interviews and debunking common myths about climate change.

“One thing I observed is the fact that Susan put all these communication techniques in the context of climate change, and I think that makes it easier for us to apply them to our own area of study,” said Fadoua El Moustaid, who was a workshop participant. “I also liked the video examples that were woven into the day.  They really fit and helped stimulate discussion.”

“I learned a ton and I thought it was really great,” said IGC Fellow, Nicole Ward. “I also appreciated the additional resources (links and handouts) that will allow me to refer back to this content later.”

Brooke Bodensteiner had this to say about the day: “Overall, it was a phenomenal workshop and I enjoyed it very much. It has given me a lot to think about moving forward!”