Dr. Kaja Abbas, an Assistant Professor in Population Health Sciences, is offering this graduate course in fall semester 2016:

Modeling Infectious Diseases

PHS 5354 /3 credits/ Fall 2016

Course description 

Mathematical modeling of infectious diseases in humans and animals. Topics include deterministic susceptibles-infectious-recovered (SIR) and related models, estimation of reproductive number, host heterogeneities, multi-pathogen/multi-host models, spatio-temporal models, stochastic dynamics, and modeling for public health policy.

Learning objectives 

• Gain knowledge and understanding of concepts and methods in

mathematical modeling of infectious diseases.

• Critically select the appropriate modeling methods to study infectious disease prevention and control programs at the population level.

• Develop computer models to simulate infectious disease epidemics and prevention interventions.

• Critically evaluate scientific articles in mathematical modeling of infectious diseases.