The grand challenges confronting society are big and complex – such as global climate change, pollution, and the spread of emerging infectious diseases and invasive species. More than ever before, scientists are compelled to consider the context and implications of their research through broader social, cultural, and economic perspectives.

Educational institutions including Virginia Tech are adapting by developing transdisciplinary training programs urgently needed to cultivate the next generation of leaders to solve these complex problems.

For the Global Change Center (GCC), one of the core centers in the Fralin Life Sciences Institute, becoming a member of ANGLES: A Network for Graduate Leadership in Sustainability is providing tools and resources to help graduate students become more holistic researchers.

With membership spanning 20 institutions across the United States and Canada, ANGLES is a network of higher education professionals dedicated to graduate student leadership development centered in sustainability, environmental, and societal issues. The GCC engages with ANGLES members from Brown University, Cornell University, Duke University, and McGill University as well as initiatives such as the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center.

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