I and three other IGC fellows, Jennifer BrousseauCaleb O'Brien, and Isaac VanDiest, met with Dr. Cully Hession on Feb. 28th for an IGC Coffee and Conversations meet up. Dr. Hessions is a highly regarded and seasoned researcher in biosystems engineering, civil and environmental engineering, and aquatic ecosystem research.  Hession, a professor at Virginia Tech, has an interdisciplinary research focus and has established a full-scale StREAM Lab with high-resolution hydrologic monitoring capabilities for studying hydrologic, geomorphic, biogeochemical, ecological, and societal questions pertaining to the restoration of streams and their watersheds.


If you are a GCC Faculty member and interested in participating in an upcoming IGCoffee Convo, please contact IGC GSO Professional Development Committee Chairs, Caleb O’Brien and Jennifer Brousseau. Fellows should keep an eye on their email inboxes for opportunities to join in on future IGCoffee Convo meetings!


It was fascinating to hear how the StREAM Lab came to be and evolved over the years, as well as how dedication to a worthy cause can manifest itself in such a project. Furthermore, it was fascinating to learn about the dynamics of developing a project that involves collaboration with a variety of stakeholders. It was also amazing to hear about Dr. Hessions career path and how life events bolstered him in his professional development. I've been attending these IGC catch-ups and have always been happy that I went because I've always enjoyed learning about the work of other GCC members, which has continuously broadened my perspectives. I hope to see everyone at the next coffee convo.


Written by Amir Mortazavigazar, IGC Fellow and PhD student in Population Health Sciences at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine.