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Shariful Islam

IGC FELLOW    |   Global Change Center

Ph.D. Student  •   Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Advisor: Dr. Luis Escobar

Research Interests: Infectious disease at the human-wildlife interface • Google Scholar • Twitter

Man at desk

Dr. Islam will begin his PhD research in fall 2022 working with Dr. Luis Escobar in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation. Shariful holds a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree and Master of Science in Epidemiology. He is interested to advance the theoretical frameworks and contemporary analytical tools available to study zoonotic diseases of wildlife origin. Through his PhD study, Shariful aims to identify wildlife hosts of zoonotic viruses, strengthen human and animal disease-surveillance system capacities, and establish collaborative efforts to reduce pathogen spillover from wildlife to humans. To assess spillover risk, he employs statistical and mathematical modeling methods to identify and rank the factors contributing to disease emergence.