IGC Graduate Fellows gain a strong feeling of pride, ownership, and commitment to the program thanks to the integral role students are asked to play in shaping the program as it develops. Global Change Center Director Bill Hopkins and IGC Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program co-Director Jeff Walters recently met with second and third year fellows to gain feedback on what is working well and what may be improved—and to share ideas on how to best manage program growth.

Participants brainstormed ways to best integrate new fellows and maintain the strong sense of community that currently exists. Multiple trips to the white board were needed to help chip away at the challenges of structuring seminar and capstone coursework to ensure each fellow builds a key knowledge base while maximizing interactions among cohorts!

Future meetings-of-the-minds are planned to discuss supplementary course requirements in our continuing effort to contribute to the development of our vibrant and inspiring Global Change Center community!

By Heather Govenor IGC GSO President