Congratulations to Jonathan Doubek, who was recently selected to serve as the co-chair elect of the GLEON Student Association (GSA). 

Jon is currently a graduate student in the Department of Biological Sciences and a fellow in the Interfaces of Global Change IGEP at Virginia Tech. His advisor is long-term GLEON-ite Cayelan Carey. Jon has been involved in GLEON 15 (Argentina), GLEON 16 (Canada) and GLEON 17 (South Korea) meetings, is actively involved in research projects within the zooplankton sub-group of the Terrific Theory Group (TTG) and is a current fellow in the GLEON Fellowship Program

Jon will be a member of the GSA leadership team, including GSA chair, Facundo Scordo (Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina) and co-chair Blaize Denfeld (Uppsala University, Sweden), extending the geographic diversity of the leadership team. It is expected that he will become co-chair in a year and chair in two years.

The GSA informs, trains, and mentors students, enabling the next generation of scientists to participate in collaborative, international, and interdisciplinary network science. Furthermore, the GLEON Student Association acts to communicate and facilitate the many opportunities for students within the GLEON network. This GSA leadership team works to ensure these goals are met and to engage students to participate in GLEON and its multiple leadership opportunities.