The Virginia Science Festival features a full month dedicated to STEM events happening around Virginia. The goal is to “provide families with hands-on experiences, live performances, interactive demonstrations and techno entertainment that will inspire a wonder in science for all ages.” On Saturday, September 26th, the Interfaces of Global Change IGEP at Virginia Tech sponsored a booth at the Blacksburg Science Festival called “Why I Care For Nature.”

According to IGC Fellow, Tamara Fetters, #whyIcare4nature is an outreach campaign started by the Interfaces of Global Change program at Virginia Tech intended to remind us of all the reasons why we value nature – even though we might have different social, economic, political or religious views. Weeks before the Science Festival, IGC Fellows started a social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

Participants were asked to “show/tell us why you care, using the hashtag #whyIcare4nature“. On the day of the Science Festival, children and adults were asked to fill out and wear a sticker boasting why they care for nature. Additional prizes were given to those who joined the social media campaign while they were at the IGC booth. 

IGC Fellows at Science Booth
Science Booth Poster