By Heather Govenor

It was a big night for little scientists at the Gilbert Linkous Elementary School Science Fair on March 16, 2016, where there was no shortage of creativity or enthusiasm! The annual science fair features the research of kindergarten through 5th graders, and is fast becoming a favorite IGC Spring outreach opportunity. Fellows Tamara Fetters, Kaan Kerman, and Julie Wiemerslage served as judges, evaluating the scientific thought process and presentation skills of the young participants. Nearby, Matt Aberle, Cordie Diggins, and Heather Govenor talked Science with students and family members while encouraging them to get into the role by donning various field and laboratory gear. This year’s booth featured a peek into the avian world with a collection of nests, feathers, and banded bird examples on hand – accompanied by the specialty knowledge of Ben Vernasco and Jen Wagner. Kudos and many thanks to VT Professor of Microbiology Ann Stevens for all of her hard work organizing this event.