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2023 Spring | Global Change IX: Invasive Species - Consequences and Possible Remediation

SPRING 2023 | Global Change IX - Invasive Species: Consequences and Possible Remediations



  • Feb. 22:   "Invasive plants are taking over the world: wildfires, Lyme disease, and sick birds"  Jacob Barney, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • Feb 29:  "The alarm is sounding, but are we listening to the bullfrogs? Acoustic data and the detection of invasive species"  Grace O’Malley, Joe Drake, and Meryl Mims, Biological Sciences     
  • Mar 7:  "Invasive disease-carrying mosquitoes: is their sweet tooth a key to their control?" Chloé Lahondère, Biochemistry 
  • Mar 14: “Managing Big Bad Invasive Forest Pests is Complicated: What Does Success Look Like?”  Scott Salom, Entomology
  • Mar 21:  “The cascading ecological impacts and management of an invasive snake on a tropical island” Haldre Rogers, Fish and Wildlife Conservation 
  • Mar 28: “Encouraging the stewardship of healthy landscapes” Michael Sorice, Forest Resources Environmental Conservation

Course Description: 

Invasive species often out-compete native species because they lack natural control forces in their new environment. Climate changes, due to global warming, are currently enhancing the movements of many invasive species into new environments. This course will explore a number of interactions of invasive species with the native species and environments they are invading and will consider some possible remediations to deal with the resulting problems.