At the heart of the Interfaces of Global Change IGEP lies a commitment to fostering a strong sense of community and collaboration. One of the ways this is achieved is through the IGC GSO's bi-annual All Fellows Meeting. Held every semester, this gathering serves as an opportunity for IGC fellows to connect, share their thoughts, and strengthen the bonds that make this program so unique.

For the fall semester All Fellows Meeting, students met at the Heritage Park gazebo on the evening of October 12th. The meeting was not only a chance to discuss the GSO's plans for the semester but also a platform for fellows to voice their ideas and desires for the IGC IGEP community. 


Still of video shot
IGC Fellows mingle at the fall 'All Fellows Meeting'.


It was an evening filled with camaraderie, thoughtful discussions, and a strong sense of unity. The IGC IGEP community values the contributions of its fellows, and the All Fellows Meeting served as a platform for us to come together and collaborate on shaping the GSO's goals for the upcoming year. Thank you for being a part of the IGC IGEP community, and for coming out to this great event!


Silly group photo of IGC Fellows
IGC Fellows pose for a silly photo at the IGC All Fellows Meeting.