The Interfaces of Global Change Graduate Student Organization exists to benefit the IGC community as a whole through student contributions to infrastructural, educational, and social investments and activities. The leadership team has grown over the past several years to include a new Sustainability officer, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, and student representatives to the Interfaces of Global Change Curriculum Committee (IG3C).

Thank you, outgoing GSO members: Melissa Burt, Sam Silknetter, Namrata Shanmukh Panji, Meg Harris, Camilo Alfonso, Caleb O'Brien, Jennifer Brousseau, and Luke Goodman!!!  We appreciate all of the 2022-2023 leaders, for your contributions this past year. 

Welcome, new IGC GSO Officers for 2023-2024!

Taylor Fossett | Biological Sciences
Vice President
Prashasti Agarwal | School of Plant & Environmental Sciences
DEI Committee Chair
Carla López Lloreda | Biological Sciences
First Year Rep.
Zoie McMillian | Fish & Wildlife Conservation
IG3C Student Rep.
Kathleen Hohweiler |  Biological Systems Engineering
IG3C Student Rep.
Brendan Shea | Fish & Wildlife Conservation
Outreach Chair
Gabriel Borba | Fish & Wildlife Conservation
Professional Development Chair
Amanda Darling |  Civil & Environmental Engineering
Professional Development Chair
Macy Kailing | Biological Sciences
Christy Pototsky | Fish & Wildlife Conservation
Social Chair
Casey McLaughlin |  Biological Sciences
Social Chair
Meredith Snyder | Biological Sciences
Sustainability Chair
Amir M. Gazar | Biomedical & Veterinary Sciences