The Global Change Center (GCC), one of the core centers in the Fralin Life Sciences Institute, is a partner institution of ANGLES: A Network for Graduate Leadership in Sustainability, which is an innovative network of over 20 universities all committed to increasing our collective capacity to close leadership training gaps for graduate students in sustainability fields. The GCC's involvement in ANGLES is providing tools and resources to help graduate students become more holistic researchers. Through this partnership, the Interfaces of Global Change Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program has the opportunity to not only share its curriculum strengths with similar programs across the country but also to learn about the offerings of other programs within the network.

ANGLES 2024 Network Meeting at CSU SPUR


In February 2024, eleven ANGLES institutions met in Denver, CO to develop our strengths as a network and give future sustainability experts the training they need to have a meaningful impact on global socio-environmental challenges. Over three days, the network strategized how to develop a synthesized multi-university training program that delivers leadership training to graduate students across the U.S.

The network seeks to enhance cross-university collaboration and connections to solve global grand challenges. As a group of institutions, ANGLES discussed how to leverage expertise to improve existing approaches to leadership education as well as develop new programs, provide access to training for students and universities without existing leadership programs, and train-the-trainers so university leaders can bring skills to their home universities. The network will pilot its first national workshop in Fall 2024, with a goal of broadening participation by 2025.

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