Several Global Change Center faculty members will complete terms on the GCC Advisory Committee this summer. Each member has dedicated their valuable time and thoughtful perspectives that have helped shape important decisions for the GCC.

Please join us in thanking Leandro Castello, Chloé Lahondère, Kevin McGuire, and Ignacio Moore, who have provided extraordinary service over the past two years!

We would also like to welcome Kate Langwig, Meryl Mims, Sterling Nesbitt, and Brian Strahm who will serve through 2025!

Incoming Board Members (Joining August 2023)

Current Board Members

A special thank you to these outgoing Advisory Committee members!

We deeply appreciate your time, energy, and balanced guidance in this leadership role. 

The Global Change Center Advisory Committee is composed of GCC affiliated Virginia Tech faculty representing the broadly defined thematic areas of the center (habitat loss, pollution, invasive species, disease, climate change), plus others in relevant fields (e.g., sociology, economics, policy, history). Committee members are appointed by the GCC Director Bill Hopkins for two-year terms, and represent a balance of perspectives and interests from around campus. The mission of the committee is to develop policies, goals, and directives of the center, as well as assisting in conducting the center’s business.