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Graduate students in the Interfaces of Global Change (IGC) Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program (IGEP) at Virginia Tech take lessons from the classroom and apply them to real world, student-led Capstone Projects. The IGC Capstone Project is meant to provide students the opportunity to practice and apply skills in interdisciplinarity, collaborative teamwork, and science communication, and empower students to develop their own team project that meets their personalized professional objectives.

The IGC Capstone Experience is an extracurricular, student-led project under the mentorship of GCC faculty. The capstone experience is designed to provide at least three of the following learning outcomes:

  1. Practice skills that promote successful team-based collaboration such as project management, team principles, managing team dysfunctions, constructive feedback, conflict management, ideation, after action review, and so on.
  2. Characterize the differences among and barriers to multi-, inter-, and/or trans-disciplinary projects and develop skills for working successfully on such projects, including working across disciplinary differences of jargon, reward structures, methods, dissemination standards, certification, meta questions, and knowledge structures.
  3. Apply skills for working at the science/society interface, for example by engaging stakeholders, explicitly considering applications of new knowledge, addressing ethical implications, making connections to policy, or otherwise showing the relevance of your work to the challenges of global change,
  4. Demonstrate communication skills (any media)

The Capstone Project Proposal Form (linked below) is due by the conclusion of the student’s participation in the IGC Third Seminar course. Students are encouraged to complete the capstone project by the end of their third year, but at the latest the project must be completed prior to graduation and with enough time to complete the final report and present the work to the global change community.

IGC Capstone Experience Policy [ PDF ]

IGC Capstone Project Proposal Form [ DOC | PDF ]

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