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IGC Capstone Project | Interfaces of Global Change

Bridging Science Communication Barriers in Virginia: per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in private drinking water wells

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In Progress (Initiated March 2023)

The purpose of this project is to contribute a practical, comprehensive extension publication on the current state of PFAS research, health effects, potential risks and treatment considerations for homeowners on private drinking water systems. Our intended audience includes members of the general public with limited knowledge of PFAS, its associated health effects and potential exposures in drinking water. Bridging this gap in scientific communication, we believe, is critical to disseminate knowledge on the current consensus of potential PFAS health effects and the continuously evolving US EPA health advisories without overestimating risk. This project would represent an interdisciplinary effort involving public health, environmental engineering, and science communication. The written publication would be published through the Virginia Cooperative Extension and made available for the public, scientists, and extension agents to better communicate health risks from PFAS to private well owners.