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2020 | Stroubles Creek Salinity Project

view of a creek

IGC Capstone Project | Interfaces of Global Change

Stroubles Creek Salinity Project

Student Members:
Faculty Mentors:

This group of students held a common desire to use their diverse skill sets to study impacts of global change on our local Stroubles Creek, which drains much of Blacksburg and Virginia Tech’s campus. They worked with faculty mentors to obtain a thorough dataset from the VT StREAM Lab, and then narrowed down their research scope to focus on a knowledge gap surrounding freshwater salinization in a complex watershed. Focused on freshwater salinization dynamics in Stroubles Creek as impacted by road salt and road brine applications of the urbanized, upstream watershed. The project and research resulted in a research paper published in the journal ACS ES&T Water in the fall of 2020, titled Salt Dilution and Flushing Dynamics of an Impaired Agricultural-Urban Stream, available online: