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tires reused as flower planters

IGC Capstone Project | Interfaces of Global Change

IGC Reuseful

Student Members:
Faculty Mentors:

In Progress (Initiated March 2023)

The goal of ths project is the facilitating and hosting of events that encourage sustainability, creativity, and recreation in the community. IGC Fellows plan to create a space for creativity and community within the graduate school, especially the IGC, while also educating students about the actual, quantitative environmental benefits of reuse, repair, and creative upcycling sustainability. They will make sustainability principles accessible and transform them into hands-on, creative activities. IGC Reuseful will host meetings to engage interested individuals and plan outreach events in the community and practice upcycling techniques. Our two principal events will be, first, coordinating with a time lending organization to donate our skills upcycling and repairing clothing and, second, hosting local educational workshops about the importance of sustainability and easy upcycling techniques.