The Graduate School’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program (IGEP) fall reception was held on October 10, 2018.  Students from each program were challenged by IGEP Director, Dr. Bill Huckle, to share a haiku poem that “captured the essence” of their IGEP. Below are the verses shared on behalf of the Interfaces of Global Change program – kudos to the Fellows’ creative energies!

Global change is real
Science informs how to help
Let’s start acting now!
Flora and fauna
Are complicated enough
Then add people…Phew!
Tree of heaven quakes
Orange seeds fall to the ground
Silently spreading
The cicadas sing
The summer seems longer now
Do they count the days?
The world is changing
Nature’s cycles can’t explain
The fish used to jump
Now the green lake is quiet
No more clear water
Four birds on a branch
There used to be many more
Their habitat lost

The compositions above were contributed by IGC Fellows: Leah NovakRebecca O’Brien, and Joshua Rady.