Drs. Brian BadgleyDavid Haak (SPES), Lisa Belden, and Frank Aylward (BIOL) are offering a new, broad-based soils course for those that have had little exposure to the belowground world.  If you are interested in…

Do you need to characterize the impact of the microbial communities in your study system? Do you already have sequence data describing microbial communities that you need to process? Are you curious about the current state of the science for studying microbiomes?

Faculty from the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences and Department of Biological Sciences, with support from the Global Change Center, are offering a new graduate class to address this need. Interested students from all backgrounds are encouraged to participate, regardless of previous formal training in microbiology. Students can participate in the course using either sequence data from their own research or will be assisted in finding publicly available data to analyze.

GRAD 6984: Introduction to Microbial Community Analysis  |  MW 2:30 – 3:20  |  CRN: TBD

Intro. to Microbial Community Analysis Course [Flyer]

Please contact Brian Badgley at 231-9629 or badgley@vt.edu with questions.