GCC Faculty member, Dr. Ashley Dayer, is teaching a course titled Human Dimensions of Fisheries and Wildlife this Fall:

This course will prepare students to address the human dimensions of fish and wildlife conservation in their research and/or future careers – as managers, conservationists, biologists, interdisciplinary scientists, or social scientists—using the best available social science. Through readings on social science theory and its application in fish and wildlife management and conservation, students will learn how current domestic and international issues can be addressed through an understanding of human thought and behavior. In-class activities, case studies, and individual and group projects will enhance students’ skills in articulating the role of human dimensions and interpreting and applying social science theory and results. The course will begin with reflecting on how people intersect with fish and wildlife management and conservation and an introduction to the human dimensions field of study (also known as conservation social science). This will be followed by a review of social science disciplines that are used in human dimensions research and key theories and concepts from those disciplines. The course will provide an overview of quantitative and qualitative research methods, and finish with an examination of how human dimensions research is applied by public agencies and in private lands conservation.

FIW 5464: Human Dimensions of Fisheries and Wildlife  |  CRN 84695  |  3 credits

MWF 1:25-2:15 (meeting with FIW 4464) and an additional hour for weekly discussion between Dr. Dayer and graduate students at a mutually convenient time.