November 23, 2021

Earlier this month, the Department of Geography in the College of Natural Resources and Environment invited climate advocate Dr. Jeremy Hoffman to take part in their Geography Diversity and Inclusion lecture series. Dr. Hoffman is a climate scientist and resilience specialist at the Science Museum of Virginia, and affiliated faculty in the Center for Environmental Sciences at Virginia Commonwealth University. His lecture, “Mapping climate inequity and fostering climate action,” focused on the effect of climate change on vulnerable populations.

Fellows at Breakfast
Fellows at Breakfast

During his visit, seven Interfaces of Global Change (IGC) Fellows had the opportunity to meet with Hoffman and discuss climate change in the Old Guard Room at Preston’s Restaurant. Over a steaming cup of coffee and a warm breakfast, the Fellows shared their research interests, experience in science advocacy, career goals, and more. In turn, Hoffman was able to share his unique perspective and experience at the interface of society and science.  Dr. Hoffman has interacted with our global change community multiple times over the years, including a jointly sponsored public lecture by the GCC and Hahn Garden, and a guest appearance in one of our IGC seminar courses.

Professional development experiences such as this are an important part of the IGC IGEP and all Fellows are encouraged to participate in future events. Reach out to the IGC Graduate Student Organization for more information.