This year the Global Change Center continued to support the research efforts of our undergraduate students through our Undergraduate Research Grant program. From mosquito control, to a shark identification phone app, to how landowners perceive conservation efforts and more – this year’s GCC undergraduate research grant recipients are conducting impressive work with GCC faculty. This year’s research grants, totaling ~$7,500 in funds, support projects led by eight outstanding undergraduate students spanning seven undergraduate majors.

Congratulations to the following students awarded this year’s GCC undergraduate research grants! 

URG Recipient

The impact of microplastics on crayfish and branchiobdellidan annelids symbiosis

Tyler Allen, Biological Sciences

Working with Drs. Austin Gray and Bryan Brown

URG Recipient

Projecting species distribution models under different climate scenarios for conservation

Victorjose Catalan, Wildlife Conservation

Working with Drs. Meryl Mims and Traci DuBose

URG Recipient

Assessing urushiol’s contribution to poison ivy evolutionary fitness

Amy Fiorellino, Environmental Science

Working with Dr. John Jelesko

URG Recipient

The effects of engagement in research on landowner perspectives on science & conservation

Anna Klewicki, Environmental Conservation & Society

Working with Drs. Ashley Dayer and Bill Hopkins & IGC Fellow Rebecca O’Brien

URG Recipient

Adverse birth outcomes associated with proximity to poultry animal feeding operation in
rural Eastern Shore, VA

Antonia Maria Mendrinos, Clinical Neuroscience

Working with Dr. Julia Gohlke

URG Recipient

Developing a shark identification app for online citizen science 

Lauren Morris, Biological Sciences

Working with Dr. Francesco Ferretti

URG Recipient

Optimization of an attractive toxic sugar bait trap to control Aedes j. japonicus invasive mosquitoes

Helen Oker, Biochemistry

Working with Dr. Chloé Lahondère

URG Recipient

Plant functional and morphological traits impact carbon transport to aquatic ecosystems

Aaron Price, Crop & Soil Environmental Science

Working with Dr. Brian Badgley & IGC Fellow Stephanie Duston

The Global Change Center at Virginia Tech, with support from the Fralin Life Sciences Institute, is proud to sponsor undergraduate students and their research projects that align with our mission for advancing collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches to address critical global changes impacting the environment and society. Supported projects address basic and/or applied aspects of global change science, engineering, social science and the humanities and are sponsored by a GCC Faculty mentor.