Lara Hopkins

We’d like to welcome Lara Hopkins as she joins the Global Change Center administrative team this month!  Lara will be helping out part-time through the fall semester as Global Change Center Program Coordinator, Jess Zielske, prepares to welcome a new addition to their family in September.

Lara brings diverse expertise in science, art, and business to the Global Change Center.  She received a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and a M.Ed. in Secondary Science Education from Auburn University.  During her time at Auburn, she gained considerable experience conducting research on birds and small mammals, including endangered species.  After graduation, she continued research on endangered birds with the University of Georgia, and later assumed a leadership position with the Avian Conservation Center near Charleston, SC.  There she further pursued her passion for communicating science to the public and developed nationally respected educational programming on raptor biology and conservation.  Throughout her life, Lara has maintained a strong footing in the arts, from starting and running a successful photography business (with diverse clients such as local public schools & hospitals) to developing educational and marketing materials at all the NPOs and businesses she has worked.  To complement her art and science communication background, Lara also brings more than a decade of practical business management skills to the Global Change Center.

Welcome, Lara!