October 5, 2021

Last week, a group of IGC Fellows enjoyed a bit of sun and coffee with GCC Director Dr. Bill Hopkins for the first Fall 2021 IGCoffee Convo! IGCoffee Convo is a recurring event that facilitates informal meetings between a small group of Fellows and a GCC affiliated faculty members. These events are designed to help Fellows become better acquainted with the 80+ faculty and sustain the camaraderie and inclusivity of our growing community. During last week’s conversation,  Idowu Okeshola,  Amanda Pennino, Luciana Pereiria, Josh Mouser, and Gabriel Borba joined Dr. Hopkins, walking to the Hahn Gardens.  The group enjoyed conversation discussing topics such as the pursuit of research funding, the impact of COVID on graduate education, and capstone projects.

If you are a GCC Faculty member and interested in participating in an upcoming IGCoffee Convo, please contact IGC GSO Professional Development Committee Chairs, Caleb O’Brien and Jennifer Brousseau. Fellows should keep an eye on their email inboxes for opportunities to join in on future IGCoffee Convo meetings!