The Interfaces of Global Change Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program will begin its eighth year with a cohort of four new Ph.D. students! The new IGC Fellows hail from three departments across campus, including: Geosciences, Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, and Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation.

Meet our newest fellows:

Junyao Kang

Working with Dr. Shuhai Xiao (Geosciences)

Research interests: Geochemistry and geobiology; Neoproterozoic paleoenvironment reconstruction, co-evolution of life and environment through deep time

Joshua Mouser

Working with Dr. Paul Angermeier (Fish and Wildlife Conservation)

Research interests: Stream ecology, landscape ecology, land-use change

Caleb O’Brien

Working with Dr. Marc Stern (Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation)

Research interests: Human dimensions of natural resources, climate change adaptation, science communication

Luciana Pereira

Working with Dr. Leandro Castello (Fish and Wildlife Conservation)

Research interests: Migration and population genetics of Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum in the Amazon