Congratulations to Ignacio Moore, professor of Biological Sciences, who has been selected as a recipient of this year’s VT Alumni Award for Excellence in International Research. This honor recognizes individuals whose research and scholarship extend beyond the United States, thereby enhancing Virginia Tech’s international reputation in research.

Ignacio’s work has literally spanned the globe ,extending from Canada to South America. He has used the rich variety of bird behaviors over these regions to draw fundamental insights into how the environment shapes behavior. His work is powerful because of the highly integrated approach it takes incorporating molecular and physiological data along with organismal and population level behaviors. Ignacio has also done a terrific job in sharing his knowledge with students and inspiring the next generation of behavioral ecologists.

He has guided seven study abroad courses to Ecuador and two more to the Dominica Republic. His body of work highlights the important role that scientists can play in educating large groups of people about many of today’s most important problems.