As we welcome in the newest officers of the IGC GSO, we also want to take a moment to thank all the officers who are finishing up their term. The IGC GSO exists to benefit the IGC community as a whole through student contributions to infrastructural, educational, and social investments and activities. Thank you, 2019-2020 officers, for all your contributions this past year.

Congratulations to our newest officers!

President – Korin Jones

Vice President – Bennett Grooms

Secretary – Chloe Moore

Treasurer – Heather Wander

Sustainability Officer – Amber Wendler

Outreach Committee Chair – Isaac VanDiest

Social Committee Chair – Alaina Weinheimer

Professional Develop. Committee Chairs – Jessica Hernandez, Sam Silknetter

IG3C Representatives – Melissa Burt, Sarah Kuchinsky

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair – Lauren Maynard