Welcome Drs. Ferretti, Kindsvater and Russell!

Meet our newest faculty affiliates:

Dr. Francesco Ferretti, Assistant Professor, Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Dr. Ferretti’s current research spans from macro-ecology to applied management and conservation (with a particular interest in sharks and their relatives). It focuses on dynamics from single species to whole ecosystems, and revolves around three main scientific approaches: 1) inferring ecological processes from limited and disparate data; 2) filling the data gap characterizing many ecological systems by exploiting unconventional sources of information; and 3) using data science methods, big data, and new technology to address pressing ecological issues and develop ocean solutions.

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Dr. Holly Kindsvater, Assistant Professor, Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Dr. Kindsvater’s research applies the science of evolutionary ecology to conservation and management of fisheries. She studies the evolution of fish species with complex life histories and uses demographic models to understand how biological differences interact with fishing, including fishing intensity and gear type. This information is critical for managing species sustainably and identifying threatened species.

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Dr. Jennifer Russell, Assistant Professor, Department of Sustainable Biomaterials

Dr. Russell’s research program is centered around the integration of, and opportunities for circular systems and practice for sustainable biomaterials. This work spans sustainable materials, applications in packaging and the built-environment, and circular practice including remanufacturing, refurbishment, repair, reuse, and recycling.

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